Friday, April 12, 2013

Where do my quilts go?

Well, since I've started quilting around 2009 or so, I've completed 15 quilts (using a long-armer most of the time for the quilting).  Of those 15, I've given 9 of them to family or friends or to a charity our Guild sponsors.  Of the six I still have, I'm currently using one on our bed, and the other 5 are safely stored away.  I do have a quilt stand, but I have quilts made by others (some commercial) hanging on it, so I definitely need to change those out and display my handiwork.  I also have a quilt made by my grandmother, a Grandmother's flower garden, stored away, and I would like to find a sunlight-free area to enjoy it more.  Definitely a good question, Sophie! 
We are in the middle of remodeling, but about to move back into our bedroom, so my daughter's former twin bed will soon display one of my quilts instead of a raggedy store-bought one that is currently underneath all the pile of clothes! ;)