Friday, May 20, 2011

I Spy quilt - Disappearing 9-patch

This is the almost finished quilt top for my great-nephew Van who lives in Virginia. I was in a couple of novelty fabric swaps with Flynn n Fabric, (4-inch squares), so still have makings for 2 more quilts for the other great nephews. The disappearing 9-patch cuts down the tedium of creating the sashing and cornerstones. I still need to add the sashing on the right and bottom.

I'm debating with self about a border; the photo looks pretty good without it. The backing will be a fabric with cars and roads, as this little guy likes cars, so I think he can use it with his Hot Wheels.


  1. I know it would be a bit of work, but I'd like you to add the sashings and cornerstones to the right side and bottom to make it symmetrical and ... whatever border you decided on (or not), I think you have to use red binding ;-)

  2. Yes, I have the right and bottom sashing ready to sew together; the strips of 4" white/red polka dot/white were easily sliced into the 2 inch vertical strips and then the red stripe cut in half so I have the little sashing pieces to sew together. Here's the link to the directions for the disappearing 9-patch, particularly for I spy, where the blocks have an up and down orientation: