Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Quilting goals

Sophie challenged us on the Block Lotto to set some quilting goals for 2014, so here goes:
1.  Complete the Rowalong quilt, which I have entitled "Four Seasons Sampler."  It is based on Lori Holt's rowalong that she conducted last year on her website, Bee in My Bonnet, with specific directions now in her book, Quilty Fun.
I substituted two blocks I got from Sophie: One is the birds we did in Block Lotto earlier in 2013, and the other is a heart that was embedded in one of the "terms of endearment" blocks I won in 2011.  The original was probably paper pieced, but lacking the pattern, I traced the block to create templates and then created the row of hearts reflected below. 
I now have all the rows complete, so I just need to add horizontal sashing, and two borders.  I've entered this in the Dallas quilt show, so I have a good bit of work to do to get it ready for my longarm quilter.  I am puzzling over the color of the borders.  Lori Holt used aqua as the inner border and a lime gingham as the outer colored border (white background falls in between the colored borders). 
I have enough fabric of the green polka dot and red polka dot, as well as one of the aquas.  I'm thinking of the aqua as the medium border, but wondering whether the red or green are too dark and whether I should use a lighter value for the outer border (maybe a mixed colored and white print).  But I'd like to use one of the fabrics already in the quilt.... a puzzle.
 This picture is upside down, and I don't know how to rotate it.  Sorry 
2. Complete sewing together my eclipse blocks into a complete quilt.
3. complete the tall red stars quilt, from the stars I won in 2013.
I think this will be a Christmas oriented quilt, using green vertical sashing to pull them together.
4. Complete two quilts from classes I took this year.
One was a Bonnie Hunter class using string piecing, and I also used Christmas fabrics for this.
The other was an advanced quilt making class using paper piecing to do a mariner's compass, and some applique (which is new to me), along with mitered borders, so definitely new techniques.  Unfortunately, I misplaced the corner applique pieces I had made and fused, so I need to recut those, apply the leaves to the vine, and then I'll be ready to make the quilt sandwich, and quilt/applique the thing together.
5. Finish the border and add whiskers to my Millions of CAts quilt.
6. Make two more "I Spy" quilts for a great niece and great nephew.  I just finished and delivered this I Spy quilt to my great niece Stella who lives in Arkansas:
7. Decide on sashings and settings for some vintage appliqued blocks that my daughter found at an antique store in Indiana and gave me as a super Christmas present.  The fabric seems 40s-50s vintage, and the applique is needle-turned.  Some of the accents are still drawn in ink, so some embroidery may need to be added either before or after quilting.  I haven't had time to play with these yet.  Most of the figures are animals, cats, dogs, penguin, chickens, monkeys, etc. 

8. I'd also like to make a mini quilt to donate to the Guild's mini quilt auction that benefits this year, the Children's Craniofacial Foundation.  Great cause!
Too many goals already!


  1. I think the reason I resist making lists of quilts I want to finish is because it always becomes a run-away list, too long for me to ever complete. You have some great projects on yours ... I look forward to seeing the photos of your finishes!

  2. Some great goals! For that border on the row along? Use the dark! It always looks great against a light border. My binding always is a contrast to my final border. I don't know who made other rules, but I like the contrast, so go for it!

  3. Love where you substituted the Block Lotto birds into the Lori Holt Quilt. I made an Eclipse quilt from winnings of the Block Lotto. It is my favorite quilt that I use when watching tv. I have a few Block Lotto quilts on my goal list too. Good luck in reaching your goals! You can do it!