Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crystal embellishments on my Beatles quilt

These are 3 squares from my Beatles quilt where I added crystal embellishment.  The Lucille Ball square is a visual pun on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, the next is Across the universe, with the crystals added to the stars, and then I added some bling to Ringo's rings.  It wasn't that hard to add the crystals, and they suited this quilt well, but I don't foresee this kind of embellishment as a regular part of my quilting.  I'm more of a traditional block, scrappy kind of gal!


  1. I thought I left a comment over the weekend–I'm not sure if I goofed or it's waiting for moderation? (Sorry if this turns out to be a duplicate.)

    I've not yet put crystals on a quilt, but yours look great. I really love the Lucy-in-the-Skies block!

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  2. It was fun to see your way of stepping outside your normal parameters. I love the space block and will have to remember that if I ever get around to making my son's space quilt!