Sunday, February 10, 2013

new endeavors

So many things.
1. First up, is learning how to apply crystals.  I have the crystals, and the tools and the quilt, and I've looked at an online tutorial (which says to place the crystal on the right place and use the flat bottom of the tool, not the beveled head).  More to come this week as I try it out.  Of course I will try a few on a sample piece of fabric.
2. The whole brave world of applique.  I've never taken a class, except my first intro to quilting class where we did some needle turned applique on a shape of Texas that we put in the middle of an Ohio star.  (It's been packed away about 5 years; soon to become a pillow).  I also did a little needle turned applique on a southwest block of the month, and a little tiny bit of machine applique on some of the blocks on the Beatles quilt, but I would like to take a class and really understand the "tricks."  I also receive a Go Baby last year as a gift, and have a nice set of templates, and have never even tried it yet.  I think it is the step of applying the stabilizer that is slowing me down.
3. Trip to the central basin national parks.  We've visited most of the Rocky Mountain national parks, but have yet to visit the more arid parks: Zion, Arches, Glen Canyon, Grand Canyon, even Carlsbad Caverns.  We need to get this on our calendar and start making reservations (but not in the summer).

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  1. Applique is so wonderful, and there are so many good ways to do it. A class is definitely a help, a real life class where you have someone right there to watch and suggest tips based on what you are doing.

    If you have a chance to do those "arid" parks, do it! My husband and I did a Canyonlands tour one summer and it was the most memorable trip ever, and we took a lot of trips. It isn't even as arid as one imagines. The park around Capitol Dome was one of my favorites, and it isn't advertised all that much.

    Carlsbad Caverns is also definitely worth the time to go - both the caverns and watching the bats come out. Beautiful stuff. Don't wait. Hurry and go! =)