Sunday, February 17, 2013

weekend update

Well, I made some progress on 3 projects this weekend.
1. I finished the binding on the Beatles quilt and I added the crystal embellishments on Saturday morning.  It turned out to be pretty easy.  Just a slow and methodical process.  I followed the directions from an online tutorial.  I used the flat head of the heater tool, and just put the crystal in its place and then applied the flat head for about 15 seconds.  All that is left is making and applying the label and making a sleeve and sewing it on.
2. With my friendship group, we made quilts on Saturday for "covers for kids" which go to Ronald McDonald HOuse and similar kid charities.  We did disappearing 9-patch, but on a large scale with 8" squares.  I used 8" novelties for the interest squares, black on white circles for the sashing, and red small polka dot for the cornerstones.  I'll be adding a black border.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.
3. Tonight I started sewing together the "keyboard" border for my 30s basket quilt.  (Tisket a tasket). Got one side sewed together.  The trick will be to adjust the length so that it fits the edge.  I haven't started trying to measure this. 
Good progress.

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